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ON STAGE: War Horse

  • Starring: Nigel Allen, Derek Arnold, Alex Avery
  • Writer(s): Nick Stafford, Michael Morpurgo,
  • Director: Marianne Elliott
  • Genre(s): Drama, Performance
  • Rating: Unrated
  • Filmed at London's National Theatre Feb. 27, 2014
  • Running Time: 180 min.

The Moxie: On Stage is a new series showcasing world class performances from stages across the globe.

Tickets: $20/adults; $15/members & students

This series is made possible thanks to a grant from the Springfield Regional Arts Council.

For a limited time only, National Theatre Live’s Encore Series brings a selection of award-winning British theatre productions to your local cinema.

Since its first performance at the National Theatre in 2007, War Horse has become an international smash hit, capturing the imagination of millions of people around the world.

Based on Michael Morpurgo’s novel and adapted for the stage by Nick Stafford, War Horse takes audiences on an extraordinary journey from the fields of rural Devon to the trenches of First World War France. Filled with stirring music and songs, this powerfully moving and imaginative drama is a show of phenomenal inventiveness. At its heart are astonishing life-size puppets by South Africa’s Handspring Puppet Company, who bring breathing, galloping, charging horses to thrilling life on stage.

"Staged with thrilling flair... uncannily beautiful equine puppets created by the South African company, Handspring. A superlative sense of emotional depth. "
- Paul Taylor, Independent
"imaginative, moving new Broadway drama"
- Thom Geier, Entertainment Weekly
"Sweeping drama of extraordinary power... Its sheer skill and invention are simply awe-inspiring."
- The Times
"Genius isn’t too strong a word to describe this astonishing production"
- Charles Spencer, The Telegraph
"The most moving and spectacular play in London."
- Sunday Express
"‘War Horse only confirms the National’s extraordinary knack of turning children’s literature into the finest drama. Stunning."
- Sunday Times
" " is how Joey is summoned into being, along with an assortment of other animals, that gives this production its ineffably theatrical magic...Beautifully designed by Rae Smith ... and Paule Constable, this production is also steeped in boilerplate sentimentality. Beneath its exquisite visual surface, it keeps pushing buttons like a sales clerk in a notions shop."
- Ben Brantley, The New York Times