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The Souvenir

A young film student in the early 80s becomes romantically involved with a complicated and untrustworthy man.
(R, 120 min.)


Friday, Jun, 28


A shy but ambitious film student (Honor Swinton Byrne) begins to find her voice as an artist while navigating a turbulent courtship with a charismatic but untrustworthy man (Tom Burke). She defies her protective mother (Tilda Swinton) and concerned friends as she slips deeper and deeper into an intense, emotionally fraught relationship that comes dangerously close to destroying her dreams. [A24]

Starring: Honor Swinton Byrne, Tosin Cole, Jack McMullen, Richard Ayoade, Tilda Swinton
Director: Joanna Hogg
Genre(s): Drama, Mystery, Romance

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"The Souvenir clearly stands out as one of the year’s best films: pointedly personal art that somehow manages, in its specificity, to hit on something universal."

— Alissa Wilkinson, Vox

"Hogg is not a sensationalistic filmmaker, but rather someone who can convey tremendous amounts of emotion through total tranquility on-screen."

— David Sims, The Atlantic

"The result is the best kind of fine art: heartbreaking, sophisticated and deeply cinematic all at once."

— Tomris Laffy, TheWrap

"Survived pain arises as both a vehicle for growth and catalyst for the revaluation of one’s impetus in Joanna Hogg’s introspectively awe-inspiring stroke of virtuosity The Souvenir."

— Carlos Aguilar, The Playlist

"Achingly well-observed in its study of a young artist inspired, derailed and finally strengthened by a toxic relationship, it is at once the coming-of-age story of many women and a specific creative manifesto for one of modern British cinema’s most singular writer-directors."

— Guy Lodge, Variety

"Hogg’s earlier films are striking in their picturesque abstractness as we sit in on conversations from a distance, but the ambition and warmth on display in The Souvenir makes this her greatest achievement."

— Jordan Raup, The Film Stage

"Written and directed by the bracingly brilliant Joanna Hogg, this delicate, dazzling memoir traces her own origin story, and there is something superheroic about her struggle to look back without hitting the brick wall of formula and weepy nostalgia."

— Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

"That Swinton Byrne's performance is so open, so immediate, so caught up in emotional truths rather than performative beats, makes this one of the year's most unique and memorable roles."

— Richard Whittaker, Austin Chronicle

"The Souvenir demands to be seen. Hogg is a major filmmaker pointing herself in new directions -- the past and future simultaneously – and hashing out the places where memory tells the truth and where it only offers more romanticism, more lies."

— Ty Burr, Boston Globe