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Special Screeners: Saint Frances


You might recall that we opened SAINT FRANCES in the theatre last Friday (a few days before Monday's closure). We’ve been working with Oscilloscope, the film’s distributor, to come up with a way you can see SAINT FRANCES during its theatrical release phase — and at the same time, help support the Moxie during this strange and challenging period.

SAINT FRANCES will not be available for public rental or sale for several months, but we’re making it accessible to you now for home viewing.

Here's how:
For $10*, the distributor Oscilloscope will email you a link to the film, viewable on any internet-connected device including laptops, tablets and smartphones (and if you have the appropriate technology, you may be able to stream it to your TV at home from your computer or phone).

You will have access to the film for 48 hours after the link is emailed to you.


The charge will appear on your credit card statement as "SP Oscilloscope Labs.” Oscilloscope will share a portion of your ticket purchase with the Moxie.

*Please note this arrangement with Oscilloscope — in these especially unprecedented times — means we’re unable to offer member pricing.