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  • The Sisters Brothers

    4:30pm, 7:00pm

    The Sisters Brothers
    • Starring: John C. Reilly, Joaquin Phoenix, Jake Gyllenhaal
    • Director: Jacques Audiard
    • Genre(s): Adventure, Drama, Comedy, Crime, Western
    • Rating: R
    • Running Time: 121 min.
    "In the end the joy of the movie is in watching these four very different characters interact. "
    - Karen Gordon, Original-Cin
    "This first English-language outing by the ever-adventurous French director Jacques Audiard (A Prophet, Rust and Bone) is a connoisseur’s delight, as it’s boisterously acted and detailed down to its last bit of shirt stitching. "
    - Todd McCarthy, The Hollywood Reporter
    "Equal parts comedy, drama, love story and horror story, the saga simply refuses to be easily lassoed. "
    - Peter Howell, Toronto Star
    "It aerates what’s already been well-trod, offering an alternately pitiless and tenderhearted lens on such hardy themes as character, filial loyalty and American progress at its most naive and voraciously destructive. "
    - Ann Hornaday, Washington Post
    "More than anything, ‘The Sisters Brothers’ is an exploration of how far you can take an anti-Western before it snaps out of the genre’s orbit entirely. "
    - Kerry Lengel, Arizona Republic
    "A near-masterpiece-a simmering chase movie that gradually heats up to a searing family drama that wonders how to care for a loved one that’s impossible to live with. "
    - Inkoo Kang, Slate
    "A knockout, one-of-a-kind western from French director Jacques Audiard in which odd-bird frontier hitmen are played by Joaquin Phoenix and a hot-damn he’s great John C. Reilly. Saddle up. "
    - Peter Travers, Rolling Stone
    "[It’s] a traditional western, except when it’s a revisionist tale. It’s a my-brother’s-keeper drama, except when it’s a violent comedy. It’s a tale of There Will Be Blood-levels of greed, except when it’s a high-ho adventure. "
    - Barry Hertz, Globe and Mail
    "It’s the stirring chemistry between Joaquin Phoenix and John C. Reilly as committed siblings that transforms these lively, violent circumstances into a sweet and intimate journey designed to catch acolytes of the genre off-guard. "
    - Eric Kohn, indieWire
    "A movie about manhood, brotherhood and the unexpected bonds of fraternity, explored in all their brutality and twisted humor, The Sisters Brothers presents the cruel hostilities of the world, the innocence lost in the madness and the possibilities of a humanity still to be found scattered through the debris of American carnage. "
    - Rodrigo Perez, The Playlist
    "The Sisters Brothers gallops on screen with a lot of ambitions, and it fulfills them all. It’s a sprawling Western that’s also an intimate character piece; it has moments of wit but also devastating tragedy; it delves into larger themes like the impact of fathers upon sons, and how greed and industrialization lead to environmental devastation, and yet it offers the hope of redemption. "
    - Alonso Duralde, TheWrap
    "The Sisters Brothers feels special. It has the painterly visuals of a classic film, but its lead characters are black-hatted villains whose road to redemption is mostly motivated by exhaustion rather than guilt. The story is grim and violent, but the brothers’ relationship is shot through with ramshackle humor, and the men they’re ultimately tasked with pursuing are portrayed as loving and idealistic—an utter rarity for this kind of story. "
    - David Sims, The Atlantic
  • Saving Brinton (2017)


    Saving Brinton (2017)
    • Starring: Michael Zahs, Serge Bromberg, Greg Prickman
    • Director: Tommy Haines, Andrew Sherburne
    • Genre: Documentary
    • Rating: NR
    • Running Time: 90 mins.
    "Anyone who loves movies is bound to love Saving Brinton. "
    - Frank Scheck, Hollywood Reporter
    "[Saving Brinton] fascinated filmmakers Tommy Haines, John Richard and Andrew Sherburne and should charm countless others as well. "
    - Colin Covert, Minneapolis Star Tribune
    "Saving Brinton is an endearing, affectionate documentary, an examination not so much of film exhibition pioneer Frank Brinton and how his life’s work was saved but of the genial and humane eccentric who did the saving. "
    - Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times
    "The doc is as much a profile of its passionate central figure as an account of Brinton’s importance to the history of cinema. "
    - Frank Scheck, Hollywood Reporter
  • Science Fair


    Science Fair
    • Director: Cristina Costantini and Darren Foster
    • Genre(s): Documentary
    • Rating: PG
    • Running Time: 90 min.
    "Meet the future of science. "
    - Justin Lowe, Hollywood Reporter
    "An irresistible documentary that brims with youthful spirit and high ideals. "
    - Rafer Guzman, Newsday
    "Science Fair melts your heart almost as soon as it begins, with an emotional clip that went viral of a young winner who is so overjoyed, he cries on stage while holding his award. "
    - Monica Castillo,
    "An affectionate and supremely entertaining celebration of the all-American nerd, Science Fair may look like a straightforward super-kid contest doc, à la ‘Spellbound’ and ‘Mad Hot Ballroom,’ but there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes of Cristina Costantini and Darren Foster’s thoroughly researched crowd-pleaser. "
    - Peter Debruge, Variety
    "It’s impossible not to be charmed by these students, by their aspirations and idealism, not to mention the fact that one of them, or someone like them, may well end up winning a Nobel Prize. It’s also impossible not to recognize, although the movie does not make a political point of it, that a goodly percentage of these participants are first- or second-generation immigrants to the United States. "
    - Peter Rainer, Christian Science Monitor
    "Even in a year of extraordinary documentaries like ‘RBG,’ ‘Won’t You Be My Neighbor’ and ‘Three Identical Strangers,’ ‘Science Fair’ is something special. This infectious and exuberant film wins you over by focusing on the enthusiasm and enviable good spirits of the smart and engaging young people who compete in the Olympics of science fairs. "
    - Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times
    "‘Science Fair’ is a celebration of intellect and kids who want to improve the world. Turns out science is pretty cool, after all. "
    - Adam Graham, Detroit News
    "There’s a certain amount of tension in the proceedings but, as various participants point out, what counts isn’t so much winning as it is having the experience. "
    - James Berardinelli, ReelViews
  • The Old Man and the Gun

    12:00pm, 2:00pm, 4:00pm, 6:00pm

    The Old Man and the Gun
    • Starring: Robert Redford, Sissy Spacek, Danny Glover, Casey Affleck, Tom Waits
    • Director: David Lowery
    • Genre(s): Drama, Comedy, Crime
    • Rating: PG-13
    • Running Time: 93 min.
    "The film is fizzy, lightweight fun with some real moments of genuine heart. Redford… has left movie lovers with one last gift that will put a smile to your face. "
    - Chris Nashawaty, Entertainment Weekly
    "The various marvels of the movie aren’t just the sparks between Redford and Spacek or Waits’ dry humor but often, Lowery’s inspired direction. "
    - Gregory Ellwood, The Playlist
    "The Old Man & the Gun eschews pastiche for a sweet, affable character study that resurrects Redford’s original star power with a wet kiss. The entire picture amounts to a low-key cinematic resurrection. "
    - Eric Kohn, IndieWire
    "We’re treated to a series of breezy heist/cat-and-mouse montages and a lowkey, conversational charm that are combined to hammer home the idea of how great a feeling it is to love what you do. "
    - Josh Lewis, The Film Stage
    "People don’t forget a performer like Redford, whose movie-star charisma idles low and sexy like a Harley Davidson motor even when he’s not doing anything, and that means a movie like David Lowery’s The Old Man & the Gun — a dapper, low-key riff on the bank-robber genre — can play things soft, counting on Redford’s charm to fuel the show. "
    - Peter Debruge, Variety
    "True, she is an anchor for him - a savior - but Spacek finds depth in the performance that doesn’t seem to be in the script. It is in her eyes, twinkling with the wisdom of a lifetime on screen and off. "
    - Sasha Stone, TheWrap
    "It’s a light, warm story that’s punctuated by the power of Redford’s smile, one of the best special effects in movie history. "
    - Adam Graham, Detroit News
    "If there’s a reason to see the movie, it’s Redford, whose charismatic, mature presence argues that age has done nothing to diminish his ability to command the screen. "
    - James Berardinelli, ReelViews
    "[Redford] delivers a glorious, sly performance in a gloriously sly movie that masks its idiosyncrasy in brisk and breezy storytelling. "
    - Richard Brody, New Yorker
    "A puckish film with a wistful quality, a gently comic end-of-the-line adventure about doing what you love, the passage of time and the things that might have been. "
    - Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times
    "Warm and funny and mesmerizing in its understated perfection, The Old Man & the Gun is a splendid experience. "
    - Rex Reed, Observer
    "Robert Redford robs banks and steals your heart. And whether David Lowery’s exuberant gift of a film reps his final bow or not, Redford gives a virtuoso performance that feels like a valedictory. You want to salute him. "
    - Peter Travers, Rolling Stone
    "A love letter to a cinematic legend, serving as a perfect final film for someone who long ago surpassed mere actor status to become an icon. "
    - Brian Tallerico,
  • Best in Show (2000)


    Best in Show (2000)
    • Starring: Christopher Guest, Parker Posey, Eugene Levy, Catherine O'Hara, Michael Hitchcock, John Michael Higgins
    • Director: Christopher Guest
    • Genre(s): Comedy
    • Rating: PG-13
    • Running Time: 91 min.
    "A wickedly funny mocumentary. "
    - Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times
    "It’s time we crown Christopher Guest as the King of Satire. "
    - Dave McCoy, Seattle Times
    "Improv comedy rarely makes it onto the big screen. And when it does so as hilariously as it does in Best in Show … that is certainly cause for celebration. "
    - Jay Boyar, Orlando Sentinel
    "[Fred Willard’s] a one-man storm of escalating inanity, and he’s hilarious. "
    - Jay Carr, Boston Globe
    "I was laughing so hard, tears were streaming down my cheeks. "
    - Lou Lumenick, New York Post
    "No one does this genre better than actor-writer-director Christopher Guest. "
    - William Arnold, Seattle Post-Intelligencer
    "Best in Show has an uproarious wild card in Fred Willard, who plays a hack commentator convinced that he’s the most amusing fellow on television Read full review "
    - David Edelstein, Slate
    "…it’s always a pleasure to watch this ensemble of gifted talents do what they do best — be spontaneous and funny and surprising. What we get is a master-class demonstration of the distinction between comic actors and comedians who try to act. "
    - Mark Bourne,
  • Moxie Mornings


    Moxie Mornings
    • rating: NR (but safe for kids 2-6)
    • Running Time: 60min

Coming Soon

On Stage: Frankenstein (Encore)

starts October 22

The Moxie: On Stage is a new series showcasing world class performances from stages across the globe.

Tickets: $20/adults; $15/members & students

Oct. 22 - Benedict Cumberbatch as creature Oct. 29 - Johnny Lee Miller as creature

Directed by Academy Award®-winner Danny Boyle (Trainspotting, Slumdog Millionaire, Steve Jobs), this thrilling production features Benedict Cumberbatch (BBC’s Sherlock, The Imitation Game) and Jonny Lee Miller (CBS’s Elementary, Trainspotting) alternating roles as Victor Frankenstein and his creation.

The production was a sell-out hit at the National Theatre in 2011, and the broadcast has since become an international sensation, experienced by over half a million people in cinemas around the world.

Childlike in his innocence but grotesque in form, Frankenstein’s bewildered Creature is cast out into a hostile universe by his horror-struck maker. Meeting with cruelty wherever he goes, the friendless Creature, increasingly desperate and vengeful, determines to track down his creator and strike a terrifying deal.

Urgent concerns of scientific responsibility, parental neglect, cognitive development and the nature of good and evil are embedded within this thrilling and deeply disturbing classic gothic tale.


Pick of the Litter (2018)

starts October 23

This Free event is sponsored by
Vision Rehabilitation Center of the Ozarks.
There will be a post show discussion.

Summary: Pick of the Litter follows a litter of puppies from the moment they’re born and begin their quest to become guide dogs for the blind. Cameras follow these pups through an intense two-year odyssey as they train to become dogs whose ultimate responsibility is to protect their blind partners from harm. Along the way, these remarkable animals rely on a community of dedicated individuals who train them to do amazing, life-changing things in the service of their human. The stakes are high and not every dog can make the cut. Only the best of the best. The pick of the litter.


Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)

starts October 26

These FREE screenings are part of MOXIE FLIX, a monthly series focusing on essential films for kids to see before they turn 13.

Film Synopsis: You’re in for thrills as Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) confronts snakes, Nazis and one astonishing cliffhanger after another — all topped off by the discovery and opening of the mystical Ark of the Covenant. [Paramount Pictures] A thorough, spoiler-filled Parent’s Guide can be found here.

Made possible thanks to a generous grant from the Missouri Arts Council.



starts October 26

Drawn from a cache of personal video recordings from the past 22 years, Matangi/Maya/M.I.A. is a startlingly personal profile of the critically acclaimed artist, chronicling her remarkable journey from refugee immigrant to pop star. She began as Matangi. Daughter of the founder of Sri Lanka’s armed Tamil resistance, she hid from the government in the face of a vicious and bloody civil war. When her family fled to the UK, she became Maya, a precocious and creative immigrant teenager in London. Finally, the world met her as M.I.A. when she emerged on the global stage, having created a mashup, cut-and-paste identity that pulled from every corner of her journey along the way. Never one to compromise on her vision, Maya kept her camera rolling throughout.


Free Solo

starts October 26

Free Solo is a stunning, intimate and unflinching portrait of the free soloist climber Alex Honnold, as he prepares to achieve his lifelong dream: climbing the face of the world’s most famous rock…the 3,000ft El Capitan in Yosemite National Park…without a rope.


On Stage: King Lear

starts November 3

The Moxie: On Stage is a new series showcasing world class performances from stages across the globe.

Tickets: $20/adults; $15/members & students

Broadcast live from London’s West End, see Ian McKellen’s ‘extraordinarily moving portrayal’ (Independent) of King Lear in cinemas.

Chichester Festival Theatre’s production received five-star reviews for its sell-out run, and transfers to the West End for a limited season. Jonathan Munby directs this contemporary retelling of Shakespeare’s tender, violent, moving and shocking play.

Considered by many to be the greatest tragedy ever written, King Lear sees two ageing fathers – one a King, one his courtier – reject the children who truly love them. Their blindness unleashes a tornado of pitiless ambition and treachery, as family and state are plunged into a violent power struggle with bitter ends.


The Essentials: City Lights (1931)

starts November 4

The Essentials: Classic Comedies
This quarterly series showcases the “essential” films everyone should see on the big screen. For each month-long program, we’ll screen five films organized by one of the following themes: directors, actors, genres, and eras/movements.

Essential tickets are $9 for Adults, $8 for Students/Seniors and Members get in Free!

Summary: A homeless tramp befriends a lovely blind flower seller and convinces her he is a millionaire while he secretly labors to pay for the restoration of her sight. One of Charlie Chaplin’s masterpieces, this hilarious and heart-rending film was made and released as a silent with music track in the post-talkie era.


Member Picks: Holiday (1938)

starts November 7

Member Picks showcases the movies that inspired the Moxie’s biggest supporters.

Every month, one member picks a film that impacted their lives and we put it up on the big screen.

November’s pick was made by moxie member Mark McQueary.
What do you love about this particular film, and why do you want to share it with others?
Hepburn and Grant, need I say more. They are one of my all-time favorite pairings, and this was their 3rd out of 4 movies together. “Holiday” was directed by George Cukor and is based on a play be Philip Barry. This same foursome came together again to make “The Philadelphia Story” a few years later. So many stylistic elements can be seen in “Holiday” that later appear in “The Philadelphia Story.” You can expect crisp direction, witty dialogue, and superior acting. Let’s not forget the wonderful supporting cast. Edward Everett Horton and Jean Dixon, as Prof. Nick Potter and his wife, are pure delight.

Synopsis: Both film versions of Phillip Barry’s stage comedy +Holiday have their merits, but the 1938 version has the added advantage of supercharged star power. Katharine Hepburn and Doris Nolan play Linda and Julia Seton, two daughters of a very well-to-do family. Linda feels a bit lost in the shuffle as sister Julia prepares to marry self-made financier Cary Grant. Hepburn has always rebelled against her privileged trappings, and finds a kindred spirit in the unorthodox, iconoclastic Grant. On the verge of compromising his down-to-earth values with his marriage to the wealth-obsessed Nolan, Grant chooses instead to plight his troth with soul-mate Hepburn, celebrating his “liberation” by doing several cartwheels. Donald Ogden Stewart is careful to bring the pre-Depression frivolities of the Barry play up-to-date, first by changing the character of Grant’s best friend (played in both films by Edward Everett Horton) from a lazy socialite to a dedicated professor, and by including several lines indicating how out of touch the privileged classes are—and choose to remain—with 1930s realities. The only element in which the remake does not improve on the original is in the casting of Hepburn’s alcoholic younger brother; charming though Lew Ayres is in the 1938 film, he is still outclassed by Monroe Owsley in Holiday (1930). Katharine Hepburn managed to temporarily defray her “box office poison” onus when Holiday proved to be a success; alas, her next film, Bringing Up Baby (which reteamed her with Grant), was a financial bust, compelling her to return to Broadway—where she made a spectacular comeback in another Philip Barry play, +The Philadelphia Story.


Beautiful Boy

starts November 9

Based on the best-selling pair of memoirs from father and son David and Nic Sheff, Beautiful Boy chronicles the heartbreaking and inspiring experience of survival, relapse, and recovery in a family coping with addiction over many years.


The Essentials: It Happened One Night (1934)

starts November 11

The Essentials: Classic Comedies
This quarterly series showcases the “essential” films everyone should see on the big screen. For each month-long program, we’ll screen five films organized by one of the following themes: directors, actors, genres, and eras/movements.

Essential tickets are $9 for Adults, $8 for Students/Seniors and Members get in Free!

Summary: A spoiled heiress running away from her family is helped by a man who is actually a reporter in need of a story.

It Happened One Night (1934) is one of the greatest romantic comedies in film history, and a film that has endured in popularity. It is considered one
of the pioneering “screwball” romantic comedies of its time
The escapist theme of the film, appropriate during the Depression Era, is the story of the unlikely romantic pairing of a mis-matched couple - a gruff and indifferent, recently-fired newspaper man (Gable) and a snobbish, superior-acting heiress (Colbert) - a runaway on the lam. It is a reversal of the Cinderella story (the heroine rejects her wealthy lifestyle), a modern tale with light-hearted sex appeal in which courtship and love triumph over class conflicts, socio-economic differences, and verbal battles of wit.


Can You Ever Forgive Me?

starts November 16

When bestselling celebrity biographer, Lee Israel, is no longer able to get published because she has fallen out of step with current tastes, she turns her art form to deception, abetted by her loyal friend, Jack.


The Essentials: His Friday Girl (1940)

starts November 18

The Essentials: Classic Comedies
This quarterly series showcases the “essential” films everyone should see on the big screen. For each month-long program, we’ll screen five films organized by one of the following themes: directors, actors, genres, and eras/movements.

Essential tickets are $9 for Adults, $8 for Students/Seniors and Members get in Free!

Summary: One of the fastest, funniest, and most quotable films ever made, His Girl Friday stars Rosalind Russell as reporter Hildy Johnson, a standout among cinema’s powerful women. Hildy is matched in force only by her conniving but charismatic editor and ex-husband, Walter Burns (played by the peerless Cary Grant), who dangles the chance for her to scoop her fellow news writers with the story of an impending execution in order to keep her from hopping the train that’s supposed to take her to Albany and a new life as a housewife. When adapting Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur’s smash hit play The Front Page, director Howard Hawks had the inspired idea of turning star reporter Hildy Johnson into a woman, and the result is an immortal mix of hard-boiled newsroom setting with ebullient remarriage comedy. Also presented here is a brand-new restoration of the 1931 film The Front Page, Lewis Milestone’s famous pre-Code adaptation of the same material.


Ghost World (2001)

starts November 23

Staff Picks Series Every month a member of the Moxie staff picks a film that impacted their lives and we put it up on the big screen. November’s pick was made by Ellen Neville.

Free for Members

Synopsis: Based on the well-known comic, Ghost World tells the story of neo-cool Enid (Birch) and Rebecca (Johansson) who, faced with high school graduation take a hard look at the world they wryly observe and decide what they really want. (MGM / UA)


The Essentials: The Lady Eve (1941)

starts November 25

The Essentials: Classic Comedies
This quarterly series showcases the “essential” films everyone should see on the big screen. For each month-long program, we’ll screen five films organized by one of the following themes: directors, actors, genres, and eras/movements.

Essential tickets are $9 for Adults, $8 for Students/Seniors and Members get in Free!

Summary: In Preston Sturges’ comedy, Henry Fonda stars as Charles Pike, the son of a beer magnate who becomes the target of the father-daughter team of card sharps ‘Colonel’ Harry and Jean Harrington (Charles Coburn and Barbara Stanwyck). Their plan to rob the naive young man blind hits a snag, however, when Jean actually falls head over heels for an equally-smitten Pike.


The Essentials: Seven Year Itch (1955)

starts December 2

The Essentials: Classic Comedies This quarterly series showcases the “essential” films everyone should see on the big screen. For each month-long program, we’ll screen five films organized by one of the following themes: directors, actors, genres, and eras/movements.

Essential tickets are $9 for Adults, $8 for Students/Seniors and Members get in Free!

Summary: Like thousands of other Manhattanites, Tom Ewell annually packs his wife (Evelyn Keyes) and children off to summer vacation, staying behind to work at the office. This particular summer, the lonely Ewell begins fantasizing about the many women he’d foresworn upon getting married (in one of the fantasies, Ewell and Marguerite Chapman parody the beach rendezvous in From Here to Eternity). He is jolted back to reality when he meets his new neighbor—luscious model Marilyn Monroe. Inviting Monroe to dinner, Ewell intends to sweep her off her feet and into the boudoir. Things don’t quite work out that way, thanks to Ewell’s clumsiness (and essential decency) and Monroe’s naivete. Still, Ewell becomes convinced that his impure thoughts will somehow be transmitted to his vacationing wife and to the rest of the world, leaving him wide open for scandal and ruination. In the original play, the husband and the next-door neighbor did have an affair, but both play and film arrived at the same happy ending, with Ewell and his missus contentedly reunited at summer’s end. Featured in the cast of The Seven Year Itch are Robert Strauss as a lascivious handyman, Sonny Tufts as Evelyn Keye’s former beau, Donald MacBride as Ewell’s glad-handing boss, and veteran Broadway funny man Victor Moore in a cameo as a nervous plumber. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

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Friday, Oct 19 5:00 am

Staff Picks Series
Best in Show (2000) -
Oct. 19th @ 8:30pm & 20th @ 8:00pm
October’s pick was made by Lillian Stone

Ghost World(2001) - Nov. 23rd &24 th
November’s pick was made by Ellen Neville

*Showtimes are TBD
Every month a member of the Moxie staff picks a film that impacted their lives and we put it up on the big screen.

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