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Past Films

Annie (1982)

  • Starring: Aileen Quinn, Albert Finney, Carol Burnett
  • Director: John Huston
  • Genre(s): Family, Musical
  • Rating: G
  • Running Time: 127 min.

These FREE screenings are part of MOXIE FLIX, a monthly series focusing on essential films for kids to see before they turn 13.

Film Summary: The story of a plucky, red-haired girl who dreams of life outside her dreary orphanage. One day, Annie (Quinn) is chosen to stay for one week with the famous billionaire “Daddy” Warbucks (Finney). One week turns into many and the only person standing in the way of Annie’s fun is Miss Hannigan, the gin-soaked ruler of the orphanage (Burnett). (Sony)

A thorough, spoiler-filled Parent’s Guide can be found here.

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"They don't build movies like this anymore."
- Vincent Canby, New York Times
"This charming musical based on the comic strip character Little Orphan Annie features many memorable songs and pleasant dance numbers."
- Ethan Alter, TV Guide Magazine
"I enjoyed the energy that was visible on the screen, and the sumptuousness of the production numbers, and the good humor of several of the performances."
- Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times
"What makes "Annie" so winning is that, while it could have easily been just another cutesy-poo Hollywood musical, it happens to be as gritty, genial and boisterous as little Annie herself."
- Kathleen Carroll, New York Daily News