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Good Time

  • Starring: Robert Pattinson, Ben Safdie, Barkhad Abdi
  • Director: Ben Safdie and Joshua Safdie
  • Genre(s): Drama, Crime
  • Rating: R
  • Running Time: 100 min.

After a botched bank robbery lands his younger brother in prison, Constantine Nikas (Robert Pattinson) embarks on a twisted odyssey through the city’s underworld in an increasingly desperate—and dangerous—attempt to get his brother out of jail. Over the course of one adrenalized night, Constantine finds himself on a mad descent into violence and mayhem as he races against the clock to save his brother and himself, knowing their lives hang in the balance.

"Tense, immersive and excellently assaulting, Good Time is hella time."
- Brad Wheeler, The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
"This isn't conventional Hollywood-horror/thriller "suspense" but something more primal."
- James Berardinelli, ReelViews
"Good Time is a uniquely exhilarating experience with a sharp, unflinching style and a magnetic performance from Robert Pattinson."
- Erin Whitney, ScreenCrush
"Pattinson's performance is one of the year's finest and a revelation for anyone who has wanted to pigeonhole him as an actor."
- Adam Graham, Detroit News
"At once a swift, relentless chase thriller and an exhilarating mood piece that recalls the great, gritty crime dramas of Sidney Lumet and Abel Ferrara, Good Time is also exactly what it says it is: a thrill, a blast, a fast-acting tonic of a movie. "
- Justin Chang, Los Angeles Times
"A high watermark in the fusion of genre and arthouse, and an anthemic, youthful blast of generational pop art, “Good Time” is a 100 minute-long string of fire emojis, that begins and ends with a heart. "
- Jessica Kiang, The Playlist
"For all its throttling thrills, Good Time is a film about a destructive love — and loving someone despite not having the right kind of love to give them. Ignore the deceptively convivial title: This is the kind of thrill that sticks."
- Emily Yoshida, New York Magazine (Vulture)
"Pattinson is enthralling in the part; he lets us see not just the caged-animal attitude of the character, who's in survival mode for the entire running time, but also the improvisational spark of his intellect."
- A.A. Dowd, AV Club
"The wild night eventually turns downright rabid, but ­Pattinson anchors Good Time, completely selling Connie from the moment he bursts into the frame and delivering the best performance of his career."
- Kevin P. Sullivan, Entertainment Weekly
"Good Time is a film of trembling anxiety, and while the score and the Safdies’ terrific direction both aid this, it’s Pattinson’s outstanding performance that pins even the most outlandish occurrences to a deep sense of emotion."
- Dominick Suzanne-Mayer, Consequence of Sound
"It’s one of those rare movies that makes you feel edgy, conveying its protagonist’s dilemma in ways that prey on your nerves and emotions more than just relaying a night-from-hell anecdote. "
- Brian Tallerico,
"Most crime movies, even alleged indies, make it easy for the audience to take sides and establish clear rooting interests. Good Time is better than that: It’s not always easy to take, yet you can’t look away. "
- Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune
"Having already admired Pattinson’s post-vampire work in David Cronenberg’s "Cosmopolis" and elsewhere, I wasn’t surprised to see him kill it in this role as a shambling antihero in the "Dog Day Afternoon" mode. With this movie, both Pattinson and the Safdie brothers have broken new ground in their careers."
- Dana Stevens, Slate