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  • Starring: Ruth Negga, Joel Edgerton, Michael Shannon, Marton Csokas, Nick Kroll
  • Director: Jeff Nichols
  • Genre(s): Biography, Drama, History
  • Rating: PG-13
  • Running Time: 123 min.

Loving celebrates the real-life courage and commitment of an interracial couple, Richard and Mildred Loving (Joel Edgerton and Ruth Negga), who married and then spent the next nine years fighting for the right to live as a family in their hometown. Their civil rights case, Loving v. Virginia, went all the way to the Supreme Court, which in 1967 reaffirmed the very foundation of the right to marry - and their love story has become an inspiration to couples ever since.

"Nichols—director of Take Shelter, Mud and, most recently, Midnight Special—tells the Lovings’ story in a way that feels immediate and modern, and not just like a history lesson."
- Stephanie Zacharek, Time
"Nichols has crafted a beautifully moving and tasteful document of a quietly groundbreaking event, told from a very human perspective."
- Rory O'Connor, The Film Stage
"Filmmaker Jeff Nichols (Mud; Take Shelter) has recreated the world lived in by Richard and Mildred Loving for a new feature film made with authenticity and laudable restraint."
- James Berardinelli, ReelViews
"Intimate, moving and superbly underplayed, "Loving" is every bit as soft-spoken and subtly implacable as its protagonists."
- Ann Hornada, Washington Post
"The performances are very fine. Watching Negga, I was afraid to blink - I wanted to see everything that passed between Mildred and Richard, no matter how fleeting."
- David Edelstein, New York Magazine/Vulture
"For all of its subtlety and restraint, "Loving" washes over you, seeps into your blood stream and remains there long after the film is over."
- Katie Walsh, Tribune News Service
"The stabbing simplicity of Negga's acting is breathtaking. Jeff Nichols has given us a quietly devastating film that resonates for the here and now and marches to the cadences of history and the heart."
- Peter Travers, Rolling Stone
"The real artistry of Loving ... is in the quiet grace Negga and Edgerton bring to one of recent history's most important romances."
- Chris Nashawaty, Entertainment Weekly