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Mad Hot Ballroom (2005)

  • Director: Marilyn Agrelo
  • Genre(s): Music, Family, Documentary
  • Rating: PG
  • Running Time: 105 min.

These FREE screenings are part of MOXIE FLIX, a monthly series focusing on essential films for kids to see before they turn 13.

Film Synopsis: An inspiring look inside the lives of New York City school kids on a journey into the world of ballroom dancing, an unexpected arena where they discover new frontiers about attitude, movement, style and commitment. (Paramount Classics)

A thorough, spoiler-filled Parent’s Guide can be found here.

Made possible thanks to a generous grant from the Missouri Arts Council.

"It will sweep you off your feet. "
- Joe Morgenstern, Wall Street Journal
"Listening to the kids talk is a treat in itself, but watching them strut their stuff in the final competition is enough to make you stand up and cheer."
- Peter Travers, Rolling Stone
"Clearly, the dance lessons are life lessons as well, nurturing self-confidence, team spirit, the joy of dancing and even a slight touch of Old World etiquette in an otherwise too-busy- to-be-courteous world."
- Eleanor Ringel Gillespie, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
"Aside from being perfectly irresistible, the movie is also deeply inspiring, especially for children."
- Rene Rodriguez, Miami Herald
"For director Marilyn Agrelo and screenwriter Amy Sewell, the documentary is a beautifully realized first effort. For the documented youngsters, it's a celebration of their stamina, tenacity and unforced lovability."
- Philip Wuntch, Dallas Morning News
"Watching the kids dance is irresistible, but director Marilyn Agrelo is sensitive to the full complex of emotions invoked by the competition."
- Walter V. Addiego, San Francisco Chronicle
"A crowd-pleaser of immense proportions."
- Steven Rea, Philadelphia Inquirer
"This winning documentary about fifth-graders who learn ballroom dancing is one of those movies that make the world a brighter place."
- Jami Bernard, New York Daily News
"Watching these lively people, young and old, express their wishes, confess their fears and kick uptheir heels is enough to make you proud to be a New Yorker. Heck, proud to be human."
- Gene Seymour, Newsday