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Never Goin' Back

  • Starring: Maia Mitchell, Camila Morrone, Kyle Mooney
  • Director: Augustine Frizzell
  • Genre(s): Drama
  • Rating: R
  • Running Time: 85 min.

Angela (Maia Mitchell) and Jessie (Camila Morrone) dream of escaping their waitressing jobs at a low-rent Texas diner, even if it’s only to Galveston. Taking place over just a few days, the film follows their hilarious and unpredictable misadventures on the streets of suburban Dallas as they attempt increasingly madcap and wild schemes to try and raise some cash.

"The kind of after-a-dorm-party movie that could easily find a cult following over the years."
- Brian Tallerico,
"Never Goin' Back is happily silly and low-down and willing to indulge in gross humor, while presenting a story about friendship and about the consequences of growing up with no money or prospects."
- Mick LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle
"Anchored by a pair of effervescent and authentically lived-in performances from Mitchell and Morrone, 'Never Goin' Back' is a sweaty, silly summer adventure, and a sincere shout-out to the power of best friendship."
- Katie Walsh, Los Angeles Times
"A rude, crude, rambling, raucous, sometimes quite gross and often very funny and endearing slice of lives we don't often see portrayed on the big screen."
- Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun-Times
"The movie has a ramshackle charm that's due entirely to its vivacious leads, whose mutual devotion and easy, unlabeled sexuality feels endearingly innocent."
- Jeannette Catsoulis, New York Times
"Shot with a crisp visual style loaded with inspired pop music, Never Goin' Back has all the polish of its studio-produced equivalents, but more believable angst than a dozen Seth Rogen joints."
- Eric Kohn, indieWire
"Frizzell, making her feature directorial debut, is attuned to the giddy intimacies of female friendship, and Mitchell and Morrone are a charismatic pair."
- Abbey Bender, Village Voice
"Anarchic and daring, Never Goin’ Back is a tale of adolescent female friendship that is somehow ballsier than your standard dude-driven buddy comedy. Frizzell’s film is as fearless as her heroines, and it refuses to judge them for their bad behavior. Read full review"
- Kimber Myers, The Playlist