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On Stage: Ashton Celebration (The Royal Ballet Dances Frederick Ashton)

  • Starring: The Royal Ballet
  • Choreographer: Frederick Ashton
  • Genre(s): Dance, Performing Arts
  • Rating: NR
  • Filmed live at the Royal Opera House Feb. 2013
  • Running Time: 200 mins. with two intervals and behind-the-scenes intro

The Moxie: On Stage is a new series showcasing world class performances from stages across the globe.

Tickets: $20/adults; $15/members & students

Production Information: Frederick Ashton, Founder Choreographer of The Royal Ballet, was one of the 20th century’s most influential choreographers, whose musical, subtle and graceful style and extraordinary gift for storytelling had a profound impact on the development of British ballet. This special programme, performed at the Royal Opera House to mark the 25th anniversary of Ashton’s death, presents five works that showcase his astonishing versatility, from compelling abstract ballets – such as the exuberant Voices of Spring and the radically modernist Monotones – to the tragic love story Marguerite and Armand, brought to life with ‘performances of heart-wrenching intensity’ (The Observer) by Tamara Rojo and Sergei Polunin.

"Ashton Celebration: The Royal Ballet Dances Frederick Ashton is true to its title, offering both onstage and offstage tributes to Frederick Ashton, one of the twentieth century’s choreographic giants and architect of the English style. "
- Emily Kate Long,
"The Royal Ballet, one of the world’s premier dance companies, scores another triumph."
- Lawrence Devoe, Theater Byte
"[Marguerite & Armand] …a performance of such dramatic intensity that the audience sat in silence, as if afraid to breathe."
- Mark Monahan, The Daily Telegraph
"It’s a programme that shows Ashton’s range, from storytelling to the serene loveliness of his plotless classic Symphonic Variations. As the company’s founder choreographer, Ashton set the Royal Ballet’s style: lyrical, musical and dramatic."
- Zoë Anderson, Independent
"Sophie Fedorovich’s set is a spacious universe in the palest apricot gently brought to life by Ashton’s precise but meaty response to the music. As [Symphonic Variations] unwinds it is one of those dances that slowly but inevitably makes you feel happy to be alive. "
- Jeffrey Taylor, Express