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Oscar Animated Shorts (2018)

Genre: Animation Details for individual films below Rating: PG

The Short Film (Animated) nominations for the 2018 Oscars have been announced! The mix of nominees for this past year’s movie season is filled with memorable films featuring some of the most talented artists in the world. [] **Dear Basketball** (Glen Keane and Kobe Bryant) USA, 6 min. **Garden Party** (Victor Caire and Gabriel Grapperon) France, 7 min. **Lou** (Dave Mullins and Dana Murray) USA, 7 min. **Negative Space** (Max Porter and Ru Kuwahata) France, 5 min. **Revolting Rhymes** (Jakob Schuh and Jan Lachauer) UK, 29 min. **Lost Property Office** (additional film) (Daniel Agdag) Australia, 10 min. **Weeds** (additional film) (Nicholas Arioli) USA, 5 min. **Achoo** (additional film) details TBD * Most of the shorts would be G rated, but the very end of GARDEN PARTY has some disturbing imagery of a human corpse that could be upsetting to younger viewers. Kids eight and over should be fine. Link to [Live Action Shorts](, [Documentary Shorts Program A](, [Documentary Shorts Program B](

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