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Past Films

Resilience (2016)

  • Director: James Redford
  • Genre: Documentary
  • Rating: NR
  • Running Time: 68 min.

This Free screening is made possible thanks to Isabel’s House and the Junior League of Springfield.
Holly Beadle from Isabel’s House will lead a post show discussion after the film. This event is part of the release of the Community Focus Report.

Resilience: The Biology of Stress and the Science of Hope
Researchers have recently discovered a dangerous biological syndrome caused by abuse and neglect during childhood. As the new documentary Resilience reveals, toxic stress can trigger hormones that wreak havoc on the brains and bodies of children, putting them at a greater risk for disease, homelessness, prison time, and early death. While the broader impacts of poverty worsen the risk, no segment of society is immune. Resilience, however, also chronicles the dawn of a movement that is determined to fight back. Trailblazers in pediatrics, education, and social welfare are using cutting-edge science and field-tested therapies to protect children from the insidious effects of toxic stress—and the dark legacy of a childhood that no child would choose.

"A sturdy information film, sensibly executed. Forming a companion piece to his recent documentary 'Paper Tigers,' director James Redford's latest explores the identification and treatment of those suffering from adverse childhood experiences."
- Leslie Felperin, The Hollywood Reporter
"Through sharing statistics and survey results revolving around early life traumas and toxic stress, Resilience allows for everyone to get a better understanding of the impact we can make in the lives of children, whether we know them or not."
- Taylor Weatherby, Hollywood Life
"I’m certain that if there were greater understanding and awareness of this problem (and the solutions) we’d see some positive changes. "
- James Reford, Indiewire (interview)
"Animation and well-placed statistics punctuate the thoughtful film’s message that, now armed with this information, we can act quickly to mitigate the effects of a public health crisis. "
- Basil Tsiokos, What Not Doc
"Resilience" takes us on a journey from discovery of Adverse Childhood Effects, or ACEs, to intervention at all different levels and with all types of professionals."
- Pamela Powell, Daily Journal
"James Redford’s revealing and important documentary, “Resilience”, looks a couple very different types of resilience, one that humans naturally develop as a way to cope with trauma or grief and another kind that must be taught, in order to develop an overall health body, mind and soul. "
- David J. Fowlie, Keeping it Real
"The light shed by the shared research, connections, and testimonials of James Redford’s documentary 'Resilience: The Biology of Stress and the Science of Hope' opens eyes and stirs immediate personal reflection. Toward your own self or in the role of a parent, 'Resilience' puts the right mirrors in front of faces. It is a worthy alarm notification that encourages more character building than being told to 'pull up your bootstraps.'"
- Don Shanahan, Chicago Independent Film Critics Cirlce