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  • Starring: Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz, Kevin Janssens, Vincent Colombe
  • Director: Coralie Fargeat
  • Genre(s): Action, Thriller, Horror
  • Languages: English, French
  • Rating: NR
  • Running Time: 108 min.

Jen (Matilda Lutz) is enjoying a romantic getaway with her wealthy boyfriend which is suddenly disrupted when his sleazy friends arrive for an unannounced hunting trip. Tension mounts in the house until the situation abruptly––and viciously––intensifies, culminating in a shocking act that leaves Jen left for dead. Unfortunately for her assailants, Jen survives and reemerges with a relentless, wrathful intent: revenge.

"In other hands, this film could go kitsch, could all be a big joke, but Fargeat directs Lutz like no other Rambo-style action hero before her."
- April Wolfe, TheWrap
"Ferociously subversive and trippily beautiful debut feature from director and screenwriter Coralie Fargeat. "
- Marc Savlov, Austin Chronicle
"With Revenge, Fargeat has waved a blistering middle finger at rape culture and rape culture’s enablers. Revenge isn’t hers alone. It’s womanhood’s, too. "
- Andrew Crump, Paste Magazine
"Revenge is a brutal, bloody, exhilarating work that does not even for a moment blink."
- Barry Hertz, Globe and Mail
"Offers a woman's POV on the age-old tale and succeeds in turning a B concept soaked in blood into a pure adrenaline rush of terror, grounded firmly in the real and horrifying dynamics that breed rape culture."
- April Wolfe, TheWrap
"'Revenge' is an all-or-nothing thrill ride, some of which you'll likely watch between the fingers covering your eyes."
- Bill Goodykoontz, Arizona Republic
"A film that will set midnight movie devotees cheering for generations..."
- Alan Scherstuhl, Village Voice
"Tautly controlled and wildly over-the-top, executed with flashy style, sly visual humor and a subversive feminist sensibility."
- David Rooney, Hollywood Reporter