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Past Films

SATO 48 2013

  • These films are not rated and may contain adult content
  • Running Time: 55 min.

Short films made as part of the SATO 48 (2013) film festival. Details on individual screenings and groups below. Each 55-minute screening requires a ticket.

Group Advocate: Friday @ 4:30pm; Saturday @ 8:00pm; Sunday @ 6:00pm

FILMS: Number 8 (Disaster Films); Libre Nexus (Ensign Productions); UnempLloyd (Dancing Fox Films); ScRaAabB!! Behind the jams (E-NIV Productions); The Testimony (The EyeScope); Octatonic Clues (The Court Jesters); SATOTUBE.COM (Faux Films); Thoughtless (Deathly Orchid Productions); Crime over Coffee (Robofox); Who 8 The Cookies (Team Arkansas);

Group Bulletin: Friday @ 8:00pm; Saturday @ 4:30pm; Sunday @ 1:00pm

FILMS: Lemniscate (Elite Pictures); Rochambeau (Tear In Productions); An Ordinary Morning (Load File 1); Reasons (Muma’s Productions); The Other Half (tbumper); Deeper, Still (Phormation); We are the Sum (RAM Productions); Survive (The Mongooses); Chrononaut (Untapped Productions); The Visitor (Canote Films);

Group Chronicle: Friday @ 7:00pm; Saturday @ 7:00pm; Sunday @ 12:30pm

FILMS: Mrs E A Domestic Dispute (Team Enderman); Eight Hours (Small Town Productions); Out Of The Woods (Box O’Rocks); BURNOUT (MIDSTATES STUNTS); Day Pony (PineapplePartyProductions); 911 HodgePodge (blue milo’s); Driven Mad (FanFunkNTastic Productions); Blind Love (Abstract Expressions); Test Drive (the Rat Pack); Nine and Ten (Sky Writing Productions);

Group Daily: Friday @ 5:00pm; Saturday @ 9:00pm; Sunday @ 2:00pm

FILMS: It’s Not Even Dark (New Degree°); On My Way Out (Off the Reel Productions); Games Of Alice (Crash Course Entertainment); Figure Infinity (Mammoth Productions); Champion of Fire (84OTAS); Crackdown (Two Council Productions); Blame (The Cosmic Trio); Ruiner (Push & Pull); Quest (AOP); Eight Up (The Corps Productions)

Group Evening: Friday @ 6:00pm; Saturday @ 10:00pm; Sunday @ 3:00pm

FILMS: Baby Daddy (Kamdog Productions); Detective Gainsboro and the Case of the Cumulous Kid (Devolver Films); Love Fortune (C Elizabeth Productions); i (Minus Productions); Infinity (Tommy Mac Productions); Afterworld (Wallmopper Productions); The Big Kiss Goodnight (Infocus Media Productions); Eight (Boredom Insurance); Two in the Same (ZombieDuck Productions); Untitled 2014 SATO48 Bogema ProjeKct (Foggy Rock Bogema);

Group Folio: Friday @ 9:00pm; Saturday @ 5:00pm; Sunday @ 4:00pm

FILMS: Sidekicks (Euphemistic Expressions); What’s Your Emergency? (Green Circle Productions); Don’t Call 911 (G.I.E. Films); No Parents, No Police. (Kids Making Movies);
Expiration (Brutal Brothers Films); Estella Kestella (Feminindie Films); We Ain’t Got No Windchimes (Academy Leader); The Date (Do Not Watch This Films); Glazed Over (Team Selby); It’s Matt, again (Almost Gold)

Group Globe:_ Friday @ 10:00pm; Saturday @ 6:00pm; Sunday @ 5:00pm_

FILMS: Not By Brakhage (1933-2003) (Dog Star Man and The Andalusian Eraserheads); Only 8 Hours (Living Insanity); Neander-Paul (Slim Thicket); 48 Hours (The Brolective); Fortlandia (Nerdherd Productions); telephone (reddikan Productions); I Hate Azaleas (300 Media Productions); I’m Right Here (Sideshot Productions); Where Did You Go? (Sederwall); What Momma Doesn’t Know (Suspect Studios)