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Seek Help Season Two

  • Starring: Michael Watterson, Andie Bottrell, Kate Pennington, Lisa Marie Murphy
  • Director: Andie Bottrell
  • Genre(s): Dramedy Webseries
  • Rating: PG-13 or R (curse words)
  • Running Time: 96 min.

SEEK HELP is back for a second season! Picking up a few months after the cliffhanger of Richard’s rejected and ill-timed love-confession, abruptly overheard by his wife, Lucy, and a reporter for Psychology Weekly… Richard’s life is in free-fall. His practice has closed in scandal. A story has broke, uncovering the truth that his parents faked his child genius status. Lucy has left him and is on war-path for revenge. Utterly lost and alone, Richard experiments with some unfortunate hair choices. Meanwhile, Alexandria and Beth are enjoying life after the news of Beth’s remission. The two are looking to adopt and Beth is still in the dark about Alexandria’s transgression. Season Two is all about REVENGE, REDEMPTION, and REBIRTH.

Local screenings are $5. Seating is first come first serve.