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Seek Help

  • Starring: Michael Watterson & Andie Bottrell with Kate Pennington
  • Director: Andie Bottrell
  • Genre(s): Dramedy (webseries)
  • Rating: PG-13/ R (Language)
  • Running Time: 73 min.

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Synopsis: SEEK HELP is a 10 episode web-series that follows the story of former child genius, Dr. Richard Pinkett, whose genius is inexplicably fading, and his complicated relationship with his patient, Alexandria. Dr. Pinkett is losing his dog and his mind. Alexandria is one of Dr. Pinkett’s first patient’s and their first session begins with a huge mistake that alters their lives forever. As both Richard and Alexandria deal with different forms of loss in their lives, they can’t help but gravitate towards each other as they embark on an unconventional therapeutic journey.

Additional Information: Starring: Michael Watterson, Andie Bottrell with Kate Pennington, Lisa Marie Murphy, Sarah J. Wiggin, Kolyn Marshall, and Kristian Jett. Director of Photography: Jonathan Stratman & Jordan Essary Seek Help was created by Andie Bottrell (Director/Writer/Producer/Editor)