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Song of the Sea

  • Director: Tomm Moore
  • Genre(s): Fantasy, Animation, Family
  • Rating: PG
  • Running Time: 93min.

Ben and his little sister Saoirse, the last Seal-child, embark on a fantastic journey across a fading world of ancient legend and magic in an attempt to return to their home by the sea. [GKIDS]

"A transcendent work from Ireland's Cartoon Saloon studio that's almost wasted on kids."
- Tirdad Derakhshani, Philadelphia Inquirer
"Enchants on every level: story, voice work, drawing and music."
- Michael Sullivan, Washington Post
"Song of the Sea is a wonder to behold. This visually stunning animation masterwork, steeped in Irish myth, folklore and legend, so adroitly mixes the magical and the everyday that to watch it is to be wholly immersed in an enchanted world."
- Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times
"If Song of the Sea had had the promotional muscle of Disney or Dreamworks behind it, it may have won this year's Oscar for Best Animated Feature instead of merely being nominated. It certainly would have deserved it."
- Marc Mohan, Portland Oregonian
"Song of the Sea was made primarily, though not exclusively, for young children. Its unhurried pace will serve as an antidote to, or even an inoculation against, the mad rush of most contemporary animation. This is a film made by the other crowd, people who care about helping children to care about the medium of film for the rest of their lives."
- Joe Morgenstern, Wall Street Journal
"Every scene is magical, every image a work of art in Song of the Sea."
- Roger Moore, McClatchy-Tribune News Service
"Song of the Sea moves delicately but purposefully from pain to contentment and from anger to love. On land and underwater, the siblings’ adventures unfold in hand-drawn, painterly frames of misty pastels, sometimes encircled by cobwebby borders that give them the look of pictures in a locket."
- Jeannette Catsoulis, The New York Times
"In a genre dominated by computer-generated compositions and design, its old-school simplicity is sweetly anachronistic, while its hand-drawn elegance is often something to behold."
- Steve Davis, Austin Chronicle