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The Stagecoach Journey

  • Producer: Ed Fillmer
  • Genre(s): Documentary, Local
  • Rating: NR
  • Running Time: 55 min.

A cowboy’s dream becomes reality in this heartfelt local documentary chronicling a stagecoach journey from Springfield, Missouri, to Tombstone, Arizona, in 2001. Following the old transcontinental route established by the Butterfield Overland Mail Company in 1858, Rick Hamby sets out in a reconditioned stagecoach for a 1,400-mile, 63-day epic trek. The fifty-five minute film captures the camaraderie, challenges, and exhaustion facing the modern cowboys, who receive heartfelt receptions from townfolks even as they face such obstacles as freeways, deserts, and open waterways to fulfill their dream.

"This fascinating and beautifully photographed hour is one of the best re-creations of Old West history this reviewer has ever seen and the best you're likely to see on the subject... Highly recommended."
- Carol Holzberg, Booklist
"Viewers get a sense of what early travelers experienced and feel the crew’s uncertainty of what lay ahead."
- Vicki Reutter, Cazenovia High School

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