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The Summit

  • Director: Nick Ryan
  • Genre(s): Documentary
  • Rating: R
  • Running Time: 95 min.

In August, 2008, 18 mountain climbers reached the top of K2. 48 hours later, 11 people were dead. While memorials paid tribute to those killed, there were also condemnations about ‘the why.’ Why do these athletes risk everything to reach a place humans are simply not meant to go? With breaththtaking cinematography and jaw dropping reenactments based on the testimony of those who survived the climb, this thrilling film is about the very nature of adventure in the modern world. [IFC Films]

"The Summit tells a multifaceted story that deals with more than the expected peril and exhilaration of adventure tales. Here you'll find love, fear and forgiveness, personality conflicts and cultural differences, even mysteries that have stubbornly resisted solving."
- Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times
"As you watch these actors, you appreciate the endeavor the climbers went through all the more — and as triumph turns to tragedy, you feel the grief winding its way through your shaken nervous systems."
- David Fear, Time Out New York
"The Summit does an amazing job of putting you on the mountain, making it one of the most terrifying horror films a climber or an acrophobe could ever see. "
- Marc Mohan, Portland Oregonian