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The Trip to Italy

  • Starring: Claire Keelan, Marta Barrio, Rob Brydon, Rosie Fellner, Steve Coogan
  • Director: Michael Winterbottom
  • Genre(s): Drama, Comedy
  • Rating: Not Rated
  • Running Time: 108 min.

Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon reunite for a new culinary road trip, retracing the steps of the Romantic poets’ grand tour of Italy and indulging in some sparkling banter and impersonation-offs. Rewhetting our palates from the earlier film, the characters enjoy mouthwatering meals in gorgeous settings from Liguria to Capri while riffing on subjects as varied as Batman’s vocal register, the artistic merits of “Jagged Little Pill,” and, of course, the virtue of sequels. [IFC FIlms]

"Coogan, Brydon and Winterbottom journey to the Mediterranean in this warmly enjoyable continuation of their improvised cultural and culinary adventures."
- Scott Foundas, Variety
"As funny as the first go-round, more beautiful to look at, and better conceived."
- John DeFore, The Hollywood Reporter
"A leg up on the first “Trip,” an altogether more delightful vacation with two blokes who might wear us and each other out along the way. But then, that’s half the fun."
- Roger Moore, McClatchy-Tribune News Service
"If you go in for allusive British humor that builds slowly from dry to uproarious, as executed by two absolute masters of the form, The Trip To Italy will work for you, I believe. I also think the film, directed, like the prior one, by the astute Michael Winterbottom, is a somewhat smoother trip than the first."
- Glenn Kenny,
"The sumptuous views of gorgeous locations and savory foods combine with the improvised dialogue and behavior to give these movies a sensuous sort of spontaneity."
- Michael Sragow, Orange County Register