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Wind River

  • Starring: Jeremy Renner, Elizabeth Olsen, Jon Bernthal
  • Director: Taylor Sheridan
  • Genre(s): Action, Mystery, Thriller, Crime
  • Rating: R
  • Running Time: 110 min.

U.S. Fish & Wildlife agent Cory Lambert discovers a body in the rugged wilderness of the Wind River Indian Reservation. The FBI sends in rookie agent Jane Banner, but she’s unprepared for the difficulties created by the oppressive weather and isolation of the Wyoming winter. When she employs Cory as a tracker, the two venture deep into a world ravaged by violence and the elements. Wind River is a stark look at life on the edge of an imposing wilderness, where the rule of law is eclipsed by the laws of nature. [Sundance]

"Bundle up: 'Wind River' will blow you away."
- Adam Graham, Detroit News
"Wind River confirms the director as a rising talent who can be trusted to beat his own enticing path through inhospitable ground. "
- Robbie Collin, The Daily Telegraph
"Wind River can be thrilling and it owns the ability to surprise and shock throughout. "
- Fionnuala Halligan, Screen International
"Sheridan, the screenwriter behind 'Sicario' and 'Hell or High Water,' writes dialogue that's lean yet rich, and gives the actors time to let their words hang in that cold air."
- Moira MacDonald, Seattle Times
"An engaging thriller, anchored by a strong sense of place (becoming a Sheridan specialty) and a great performance from Jeremy Renner."
- Brian Tallerico,
"This bitter, visceral, and almost parodically intense thriller knows what it takes to survive."
- David Ehrlich, indieWire
"It’s one terrific, offbeat and heart-pounding thriller set in the frozen wilderness of a Wyoming Indian reservation that never ceases to surprise, enthrall and pump the adrenaline with an energy that stuns. "
- Rex Reed, New York Observer
"The focus here is always on character and storytelling and the acting that brings it all alive. With thrillers this good becoming a lost art, Wind River is definitely one to savor. "
- Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times
"Wind River is an impressive effort and an impressive result that opens up a world that most of us have never thought about and renders it with sorrow and vividness."
- Mick LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle
"On the surface a tense investigative piece with Renner as a regular Sherlock of the snow, it also slips in cogent and damning points about the limitations and dead ends virtually forced on many residents of Native American reservations. "
- Steve Pond, TheWrap
"Directorial debut of 'Sicario' screenwriter Taylor Sheridan turns the story of a tracker, a Fed and a dead Native-American girl into a sharp social commentary that knocks you for a loop."
- Peter Travers, Rolling Stone
"Sheridan has professed admiration for Clint Eastwood's towering anti-Western "Unforgiven" and dark-night-of-the-soul dramas from Michael Mann. Both are reference points for his adept mix of masculine posturing and wounded soul-searching."
- John Wenzel, Denver Post
"Writer-director Taylor Sheridan’s Wind River is a stark and beautiful and haunting 21st century Western thriller, filled with memorable visuals and poetic dialogue — and scenes of sudden, shocking, brutal violence. "
- Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun-Times