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Room 10 (Local Film)

When two outlaws check into a motel, young couple Arthur and Holly are put to the test, revealing deadly cracks in their marriage.
(R, 25 min.)


Sunday, June 9, 2024

6:00 PM

Newlyweds, Arthur, and Holly unexpectedly must take over the run-down motel that has been passed down in Arthur’s family for generations. Tensions run high as they struggle to keep the motel afloat, and problems within their marriage emerge. When a pair of outlaws check into the motel, Arthur and Holly have different ideas on what to do. The two strangers unassumingly bring out the darkest parts of both husband and wife, creating a domino-effect of mistrust. Their misalliance may result in a deadly ending.

Starring Isabelle Bates, Austin Saylor
Directors: Sophie Ivens, Kaleb Fobair
Producers: Kaleb Fobair, Sophie Ivens, Daniel Potter, Alyssa Malloy
DP: Kaleb Fobair
Genre(s): Thriller, Drama

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