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Seven-year-old Sol is spending the day at her grandfather's home, for a surprise party for Sol's father, Tonatiuh. As daylight fades, Sol comes to understand that her world is about to change dramatically. (NR, 95 min.)
Original title: Tótem


Friday, March 29, 2024

5:30 PM

Saturday, March 30, 2024

5:30 PM 8:15 PM

Sunday, March 31, 2024

6:30 PM

Monday, April 1, 2024

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Tuesday, April 2, 2024

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Thursday, April 4, 2024

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In a bustling Mexican household, seven-year-old Sol is swept up in a whirlwind of preparations for the birthday party for her father, Tona, led by her mother, aunts and other relatives. As the day goes on, building to an event both anticipated and dreaded, Sol begins to understand the gravity of the celebration this year and watches as her family does the same. This poignant and emotionally expansive film from Lila Aviles (The Chambermaid) cements her skill at directing dynamic, ensemble performances in her stunning sophomore effort. [Janus]

Starring: Naíma Sentíes, Montserrat Marañon, Marisol Gasé
Director: Lila Avilés
Language: Spanish
Genre: Drama

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"Tótem is life-affirming."

— Randy Myers, San Jose Mercury News

"Tótem is a compassionate little wonder of a film."

— Alexandra Heller-Nicholas,

"Tótem is exquisite – a vital ensemble drama that’s suffused with joy and love."

— Wendy Ide, Observer (UK)

"Without ever verging on cloying, it’s a film about death that becomes a heartfelt celebration of life."

— Alison Willmore, New York Magazine/Vulture

"This is a movie about a celebration astride the abyss, and, as it continues, it takes on the eerie power of a séance."

— Justin Chang, Los Angeles Times

"It is restrained, poignant, and the type of slice-of-life film that is absolutely precious to the portrayal of the human condition."

— Peyton Robinson,

"Avilés moves from character to character with enormous delicacy, revealing gossamer threads of personal connection and, like a crack portraitist, catching faces at their most revealing."

— John Powers, NPR

"Tótem is one of those films about death that overflows with life, and it’s a testament to filmmaker Lila Avilés that this gentle drama never collapses under its own weight or lets sorrow fully take the wheel."

— David Fear, Rolling Stone

"Regardless of how it fares in the American awards season, Tótem cements Avilés as a new pioneer for Mexican cinema whose potential could one day rival or even surpass the Cuarón’s and Del Toro’s of this world."

— David Opie, indieWire

"Tótem is a film of unexpected beauty, using its main character as a conduit for exploring the quandaries of a family navigating matters of love, heartbreak, class, innocence, and, perhaps most prominently, mortality."

— Greg Nussen, Slant Magazine

"The year is young, but you’re unlikely to see a film as richly textured as Avilés’ masterful child’s-eye view of death and family. Part of the film’s power is in how organically the movie unfolds, free of sentimentality or overemphasis."

— Jake Coyle, Jake Coyle Associated Press