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Moxie awarded $5,000 to fund Visual Literacy Program

The grant will help launch a new education initiative

The Moxie recently received a $5,000 grant to expand a new Visual Literacy initiative for 3rd graders meant to help them understand how moving images create meaning. Despite the wild array of visual media that saturates the lives of our children (YouTube; SnapChat; Movies; Cartoons; Ads; Educational videos), we spend little time helping them understand how sound and image combine to create a story; evoke a mood; frame an argument or…sell a toy. Visual literacy is the ability to understand, interpret and evaluate visual messages. Developing such critical thinking skills is not a luxury. It will help students not only understand our world but be more able to communicate within it. This importance can be seen in numerous elements of the Common Core State Standards.

Working in partnership with Springfield Public Schools leadership, the program is designed to address key district learning standards while also corresponding with IGNiTE deployment, when all third-grade students receive a Chromebook to use throughout the academic year. The program will be offered at no cost to schools, ensuring all students will have an opportunity to participate regardless of school or personal financial resources.

The Moxie is one of twelve arts and culture non-profits in Southwest Missouri to receive grant money through the Springfield Regional Arts Council, Community Foundation of the Ozarks, and the Musgrave Foundation.